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Coronavirus Life recommendation: “The Institute”, yet another masterpiece by Stephen King

Since you have to stay at home in confinement, to stem the coronavirus epidemic,  which does not mean leaving your living room. Make way for the scary thriller today: The Institute. 

The master of horror and fantasy has struck again. Stephen King offers us The Institute, a book of some 600 pages to be enjoyed warm at home. In the middle of the night, in Minneapolis, intruders enter the house of Luke Ellis, a 12-year-old gifted youngster, kill his parents and kidnap him. Luke wakes up at the Institute, in a room similar to his own, except that it has no window. In the corridor, other doors hide other children, endowed like him with psychic powers. What are they doing there? What is expected of them? And why is none of these children trying to run away?

Howl with scandal

The few notes of humor distilled in the dialogues are breaths of oxygen. Lightness that allows us a certain relaxation between the darkest pages. This novel awakens in us this deep feeling of injustice, which almost makes us dive between the lines to restore justice. The children are entirely left to their own devices, the subject of more than doubtful experiences, sometimes bordering on decency. The impunity of the staff takes us to the guts and arouses our greatest resentments. The desire devours us, firmly grasp these brats by the collar and summon them to flee at the first opportunity. If only the task was so simple …

The Child, King’s Muse

One wonders if Stephen King likes to see our dear toddlers suffer. Always so gifted with children’s stories, he places The Institute in the lineage of the works Ça , Charlie or Shining.The innocence of the child inspires him, this being originally good, prey to the worst abuse. A sensitive being, capable of feeling what adults cannot even perceive. How to stay stuck when the angel is at the heart of a Machiavellian machination. A terrifying device touted as a public interest, going against the grain of human dignity. King mistreats difference in a smooth and uniform society. The power of thought and supernatural skills are a great playground to build a delicious suspense. When is the big screen adaptation?


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